martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

so, this is my blog

hi! i´m Cristian,  and this is my blog..

who the hell am i?

i am 3d artist since   June of 2013, that  was the moment when i decided that this would be that i will do the rest of my life , and since that moment i started  to make serious 3d modeling , before that i made some compositing and basic 3d

so.. what about this blog?

in this blog ,i will   post  per day the art pieces i´ve done this 2 years with a little resume of  it , and a some tricks a tutorials (inter-medium & advance)   actually my skills go  from  hard surfaces modeling to look development and rigging .  so here you can see my progress as artist

my mail is 

CV español  

able for free lance

enjoy ! i hope  you learn so much as me

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